Duan Jingzhu - Joining Liangshan

Joining Liangshan

At the same time, Song Jiang and the outlaws are returning to Liangshan after a campaign and they meet Duan Jingzhu. Song Jiang sends Duan Jingzhu back to Liangshan and Duan tells Chao Gai everything. Chao Gai is furious and wants to teach the Zengs a lesson. The Zengs had wounded Liu Tang earlier and Chao Gai wants to avenge his fellow. He personally leads the outlaws to attack the fortress but is killed in the battle by a poisoned arrow from Shi Wengong.

Duan Jingzhu, Yang Lin and Shi Yong travel north to purchase horses for Liangshan's forces later. Their horses are stolen by Yu Baosi and his gang when they stop at Qingzhou (in present-day Shandong) for a rest. Yu Baosi presents the stolen horses to the Zengs. Song Jiang, who succeeds Chao Gai as chief of Liangshan, leads the outlaws to attack the fortress once more. They score a victory over the Zengs and succeed in killing Shi Wengong and avenging their former chief.

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