Dual Problem

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Linear Programming - Duality
... Every linear programming problem, referred to as a primal problem, can be converted into a dual problem, which provides an upper bound to the optimal value of the primal problem ... In matrix form, we can express the primal problem as Maximize cTx subject to Ax ≤ b, x ≥ 0 with the corresponding symmetric dual problem, Minimize bTy ... formulation is Maximize cTx subject to Ax ≤ b with the corresponding asymmetric dual problem, Minimize bTy subject to ATy = c, y ≥ 0 ...
Duality (optimization) - The Non-linear Case - Convex Problems
... For a convex minimization problem with inequality constraints, the Lagrangian dual problem is where the objective function is the Lagrange dual function ... The problem is called the Wolfe dual problem ... This problem may be difficult to deal with computationally, because the objective function is not concave in the joint variables ...
Constraint Satisfaction Dual Problem
... The dual problem is a reformulation of a constraint satisfaction problem expressing each constraint of the original problem as a variable ... Dual problems only contain binary constraints, and are therefore solvable by algorithms tailored for such problems ... The join graphs and join trees of a constraint satisfaction problem are graphs representing its dual problem or a problem obtained from the dual problem removing some redundant constraints ...
Constraint Satisfaction Dual Problem - The Dual Problem
... The dual problem of a constraint satisfaction problem contains a variable for each constraint of the original problem ... so to enforce a sort of equivalence to the original problem ... In particular, the domain of a variable of the dual problem contains one element for each tuple satisfying the corresponding original constraint ...
Duality (optimization) - The Linear Case - Relationship Between The Primal Problem and The Dual Problem
... In the linear case, in the primal problem, from each sub-optimal point that satisfies all the constraints, there is a direction or subspace of directions ... In the dual problem, the dual vector multiplies the constants that determine the positions of the constraints in the primal ... Varying the dual vector in the dual problem is equivalent to revising the upper bounds in the primal problem ...

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