Drowtales is a website that hosts numerous webcomics, most of which take place in the Drowtales universe, a world based on Yan "Kern" Gagné's interpretation of Drow elves—including history, cultures, world, and evolution of subspecies. The main featured comic Moonless Age, written and drawn by the site's webmaster Kern, revolves (mostly) around Ariel Val'Sarghress, her upbringing and later quest to find a friend who has been banished. A number of different spin-off comics are included on the site, featuring stories taking place in the same universe while focusing on different aspects or giving details on the backstory of events that happened before Ariel's time. In addition, the site hosts several different and unrelated elf/furry based comics, independent of the Drowtales universe.

Most of the stories are fantasy drama, though within the Daydream section there is more mature comedy as well as adult comics. The entire world is oriented towards an older audience, and should not be mistaken for the daily-comic, and is declared to be outside the stories' canon continuity. Specifically, that Daydream is the fantasy of one of the characters, nicknamed "Blueberry."

The drawn art tends to have a distinct anime style to it, however, since there are multiple artists, there is some variation.

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