Drow may refer to:

  • Trow (folklore) or Drow, mythical creatures from Orkneyjar and Shetlandic folklore
  • Drow (Dungeons & Dragons), fictional dark elves from Dungeons & Dragons

Other articles related to "drow":

Pharaun Mizzrym - Z - Zhai
... Zhai is a half-drow, half-wood elf rogue featured in Forgotten Realms Demon Stone who uses twin daggers and can hide in shadowy areas to perform one-hit-kill stealth attacks ... in the wood elf village of Cedarleaf by her drow mother and wood elf father, until they are killed indirectly by Ygorl in a raid against the town ... Promise of the Witch-King, in which she is referred by Ellery to Jarlaxle as a half-drow gaining a reputation in Damarra ...