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Camp Nelson National Cemetery - Eligibility
... The grave plot, headstone, perpetual maintenance of the grave, and labor involved with burial are provided at no cost to the veteran or the family ... vaults have been used to enclose the casket once it has been lowered into the grave, and are provided at no additional cost to the family ... the casket from being crushed, and are effective at preventing collapse of the surface of the grave due to soil compaction ...
Grave Field
... A grave field is a prehistoric cemetery, typically of Bronze Age and Iron Age Europe ... Grave fields are distinguished from necropoleis by the former's lack of above-ground structures, buildings, or grave markers ...
Javorniški Rovt - Mass Grave
... Javorniški Rovt is the site of a mass grave from the period immediately after the Second World War ... The Jezerce Mass Grave (Slovene Grobišče Jezerce) lies northeast of the settlement in an area that was part of a test excavation for dredging and damming Javornik Creek to ...
Grave Digger (truck) - Drivers - Former Drivers
... Hometown Poplar Branch, North Carolina Drove Grave Digger Subbing for his father, Dennis Anderson, for the first quarter of 2007 in Grave Digger #20 Currently drives Grave Digger The Legend Drove the ... Louis, Missouri Drove Grave Digger For the 2003-2005 seasons Currently drives Retired Drove the following trucks Grave Digger #?, Batman Rod Schmidt Hometown ...

Famous quotes containing the words drove and/or grave:

    The woman ... turned her melancholy tone into a scolding one. She was not very young, and the wrinkles in her face were filled with drops of water which had fallen from her eyes, which, with the yellowness of her complexion, made a figure not unlike a field in the decline of the year, when the harvest is gathered in and a smart shower of rain has filled the furrows with water. Her voice was so shrill that they all jumped into the coach as fast as they could and drove from the door.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)

    It flows through old hushed Egypt and its sands,
    Like some grave mighty thought threading a dream,
    Leigh Hunt (1784–1859)