Dreams (The Allman Brothers Band Album) - Track Listing - Disc One

Disc One

  1. Shapes of Things - The Allman Joys (2:48)
  2. Spoonful - The Allman Joys (3:40)
  3. Crossroads - The Allman Joys (3:33)
  4. Cast Off All My Fears - The Hour Glass (3:25)
  5. Down in Texas - The Hour Glass (3:07)
  6. Ain't No Good to Cry - The Hour Glass (3:06)
  7. B.B. King Medley: Sweet Little Angel/It's My Own Fault/How Blue Can You Get - The Hour Glass (7:06)
  8. Morning Dew - The 31 February (3:46)
  9. God Rest His Soul - The 31st Of February (3:56)
  10. I Feel Free - The Second Coming (3:31)
  11. She Has Funny Cars - The Second Coming (4:48)
  12. Goin' Down Slow - Duane Allman (8:47)
  13. Dreams - (4:55)
  14. Don't Want You No More (2:25)
  15. It's Not My Cross to Bear (4:56)
  16. Trouble No More (3:48)
  17. Dreams (7:15)

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