Dreaming: The Videos

Dreaming: The Videos is a music video compilation DVD of songs by rock group Crowded House, released in 2002. It includes all twenty-one of their music videos from 1986 to 1996, except for "Instinct" from their greatest hits album Recurring Dream. In 1987, New Zealand television show Catch 22 interviewed Crowded House while on tour. This interview, at 26 minutes long, is featured with live footage and scenes from all of the music videos up until that point edited throughout the interview. The front cover of the DVD features the 1992–1994 (the Together Alone era) lineup of Crowded House featuring Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, Mark Hart and Paul Hester. The rear of the DVD features the prior lineup from 1991–1992 (the Woodface era) which did not include Mark Hart, however featured Neil Finn's elder brother Tim Finn. Unlike Recurring Dream, Dreaming follows closer to the chronological releases of all of the singles, the only difference to original release being that "Everything Is Good for You" was released before "Not the Girl You Think You Are" and "Chocolate Cake" was released before "Fall At Your Feet" and "It's Only Natural". The DVD also features a live performance of fan favourite "Sister Madly", as there was no music video ever made of the song. The band also made promo video for `Instinct`,but it was withdrawn from this compilation.

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