Dorsal Ligament

Dorsal ligament can refer to:

  • Dorsal radioulnar ligament
  • Dorsal radiocarpal ligament
  • Dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament
  • Dorsal intercarpal ligament
  • Dorsal intercuneiform ligaments
  • Dorsal tarsometatarsal ligaments
  • Dorsal metatarsal ligaments

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... Latissimus dorsi originates at the supraspinous ligament thoracolumbar fascia, inserts in the humerus ... Longissimus costarum originates on lumbar dorsal fascia, insert on caudal side of ribs, and the cervical vertebrae ... Obliquus capitis caudalis originates on dorsal side of spine and the articular process of the axis, insert into dorsal side of the atlas' wing ...
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... The joint is strengthened by a series of ligaments The ventral or anterior sacrococcygeal ligament is an extension of the anterior longitudinal ligament (ALL) that runs down along the ... The dorsal or posterior sacrococcygeal ligament has a deep and a superficial part The deep dorsal ligament is a flat band which corresponds to the posterior ... the posterior side of the fifth sacral body inside the sacral canal, the dorsal ligament stretches to the posterior side of the coccyx, to attach deep to the superficial dorsal ligament ...
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