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Famous People From Dordrecht

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  • Beatrix the Rich (b. 1420/21?) – an orphan found after the St. Elizabeth's flood whose education was paid for by the city and who became ancestor of many people of Dordrecht
  • Hendrik Speuy (1575–1625) - organist and composer
  • Simon "the Danser" Simonszoon (1577–1611) – privateer and pirate
  • Gerhard Johann Vossius (1577–1649) – scholar and theologian
  • Jacob Cats (1577–1660) – stipendiary magistrate of Dordrecht and Grand Pensionary of Holland
  • Mathias Balen (1611–1691) – writer, famous for Beschryving der Stad Dordrecht ("Description of City Dordrecht") from 1676
  • Aelbert Cuyp (1620–1691) – painter, famous for his landscapes
  • Cornelis de Witt (1623–1672) – statesman and brother of Johan de Witt
  • Johan de Witt (1625–1672) – Grand Pensionary and brother of Cornelis de Witt
  • Samuel Dirksz van Hoogstraten (1627–1678) – painter, poet, and composer
  • Arnold Houbraken (1660–1719) – painter and writer
  • François Valentijn (1666–1727) – dominie and writer, famous for Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indiën ("Old and New East-India"), a book about the history of the Dutch East India Company and the countries of the Far East
  • Aart Schouman (1710–1792) – painter and engraver
  • Johannes Immerzeel Jr. (1776–1841) – writer and poet
  • Jan Schouten (1786–1852) – master ship builder, freemason, and poet
  • Ary Scheffer (1795–1858) – painter
  • Simon van Gijn (1836–1922) – banker and collector, whose home is now a museum in Dordrecht
  • Cornélie van Zanten (1855–1946) – opera singer, author, and teacher
  • Karel Lotsy (1893–1959) – sport leader, especially of the Netherlands national football team
  • Marinus Vertregt (1897–1973) – astronomer
  • Peter Hurkos (1911–1988) – popular entertainer known for performing psychic feats
  • Kees Buddingh' (1918–1985) – poet and writer
  • Jan Eijkelboom (1926–2008) – journalist, poet, and writer
  • Willy Batenburg (1926–2000) – folk singer
  • Nicolaas Bloembergen (1920) – Dutch-American physicist and Nobel laureate
  • Ad Scheepbouwer (1944) – chairman of the board of KPN

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