Doradus Moving Group

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AB Doradus Moving Group
... AB Doradus Moving Group is a group of about 30 associated stars that are moving through space together with the star AB Doradus ... A moving group is distinguished by its members having about the same age, composition (or metallicity) and motion through space ... This group is located about 20 parsecs from the Earth and is the closest known co-moving group ...

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    Now, honestly: if a large group of ... demonstrators blocked the entrances to St. Patrick’s Cathedral every Sunday for years, making it impossible for worshipers to get inside the church without someone escorting them through screaming crowds, wouldn’t some judge rule that those protesters could keep protesting, but behind police lines and out of the doorways?
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    The two most far-reaching critical theories at the beginning of the latest phase of industrial society were those of Marx and Freud. Marx showed the moving powers and the conflicts in the social-historical process. Freud aimed at the critical uncovering of the inner conflicts. Both worked for the liberation of man, even though Marx’s concept was more comprehensive and less time-bound than Freud’s.
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