Doodlez - One-time Characters

One-time Characters

  • Dood 2: An evil twin of Dood, appeared in "Genesis," an early episode of Doodlez, when Dood was cut in two by a wire and when hand copied doodles on computer. He also starred in "," when Dood was copied.
  • Handette: A female version of Hand who has only appeared in the Valentine's Day episode.
  • Referee: From when Dood and Guy race.
  • Tourist: A shutterbug who also makes Dood rich for a blast of ink.
  • Art vandal: A random vandal of art, enjoys drawing mustaches on every piece with a person in it.
  • Bull: A bull who disappeared into a red sheet then came back for Dood to make him some coffee.
  • Cursor: Replaced Hand in one episode, where the entire thing was done on a computer, rather than the standard pad of paper.
  • Hot-Dog Salesman: Sold Dood a hot dog in one short and he also sells ice cream.
  • Sound-effects guy Followed Dood around in one episode, making various sounds to suit the mood of whatever Dood was experiencing, and to foreshadow any upcoming events.
  • Director Appeared in an episode where Dood was featured in a movie. He holds a clapperboard and barks as a dog in place of dialogue.
  • Beaver Dood's enemy for one episode.

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