Don Quijote (spacecraft)

Don Quijote (spacecraft)

Don Quijote is a proposed space probe under development by the European Space Agency, which would study the effects of crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid. The mission is intended to test whether a spacecraft could successfully deflect an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. The orbiter is being designed to last for seven years.

The mission is still in the planning stages with launch dates proposed for 2013 or 2015.

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Don Quijote (spacecraft) - Names
... after the fictional Spanish knight from Miguel de Cervantes renowned novel, DonQuixote, who charged against a windmill, thinking it to be a giant ... Like the Don the Hidalgo spacecraftwill 'attack' an object much larger than itself, hopefully with more impressive results ... 'Sancho' is named after Sancho Panza, the Dons squire, who preferred to stay back and watch from a safe distance, which is the role assigned to that probe ...

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