Don Muang Royal Thai Air Force Base - USAF Use During The Vietnam War - USAF Advisory Units - 35th Tactical Group

In November 1962 the 2nd Air Division assumed control of the 6010th TAC Group. In August the group was re-designated the 35th Tactical Group. The 35th TAC group consisted of the following units:

  • 35th Air Base Squadron - Located at Don Muang.
  • 331st Air Base Squadron - Located at Takhli RTAFB.
  • 332nd Air Base Squadron - Located at Ubon RTAFB.
  • Det #1, 35th Tactical Group - Located at Korat RTAFB.

By mid-1964 the situation in Southeast Asia was ambiguous. North Vietnam was determined to take over South Vietnam. Communist rebel forces were making military and political gains in Laos. The United States was taking over the role of "protector" from France in the area and the fear was that Communism would prevail over the democratic governments in the region. However there was no real justification for a full-scale American military involvement in the region.

On 31 July 1964 the Gulf of Tonkin Incident occurred. It was a pair of alleged attacks by North Vietnamese gunboats on two American destroyers, the USS Maddox and the USS C. Turner Joy, off the North Vietnamese coast in the Gulf of Tonkin. As a result, President Johnson would order more forces to support the west-allied South Vietnam government, and additional USAF forces were dispatched to Thailand, beginning a large scale United States military presence in Southeast Asia.

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