Don Jaime

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Viridiana - Plot
... is about to take her vows when her uncle, Don Jaime (Fernando Rey), invites her to visit him ... Don Jaime is a recluse, living on a neglected farm with only a couple of servants, Ramona (Margarita Lozano) and Moncho, and Ramona's daughter Rita ... When Don Jaime sees his niece, he is struck by her strong resemblance to his deceased wife ...
The Fencing Master - Plot Summary - Chapter 4: The Short Lunge
... Don Jaime is with his group of friends at Café Progreso ... Don Lucas and Cárceles, monarchist and republican respectively, argue heatedly while Carreño and Romero step in occasionally ... Don Jaime remains detached from the conversation, until commotion outside forces him to investigate ...
The Fencing Master - Plot Summary - Chapter 8: With Bare Blades
... Though certain now that his life is in danger, Don Jaime decides not to flee the country ... to no avail to get the letter, eventually attempting to seduce Don Jaime and then stab him with a hairpin ... Pursued into the gallery, Don Jaime searches futilely for a weapon ...

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    Even the strongest man needs friends.
    Mario Puzo, U.S. author, screenwriter, and Francis Ford Coppola, U.S. director, screenwriter. Don Lucase, The Godfather III, advice given to Vincent (Andy Garcia)