Dogic - Solutions


The solutions for the different versions of the Dogic differ.

The 12-color Dogic is the most challenging version, where the face centers must be rearranged to match the colors of the face centers in adjacent faces. The triangles must then match the corresponding colors in the face centers. The face centers are mathematically equivalent to the corner pieces of the Megaminx, and so the same algorithms may be used for solving either. The triangles are relatively easy to solve once the face centers are in place, because the 5 triangles per tip are identical in color and may be freely interchanged.

The 10-color Dogic is slightly less challenging, since there is no unique solved state: the face centers may be randomly placed relative to each other, and the result would still look 'solved'. However, it may still be desirable to put them in aesthetically pleasing arrangements, such as pairing up faces of the same color, as depicted in the second photograph. The triangles are slightly more tricky to solve than in the 12-color Dogic, because adjacent triangles in the solved state are not the same color and so cannot be freely interchanged.

The 5-color and 2-color Dogics are even less of a challenge, since there is a large number of identical pieces. These simpler versions cater to those puzzle fans who aren't yet at the skill level to manage the full complexity of the 12-color Dogic.

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