Doctor Who Tie-in Websites

Doctor Who Tie-in Websites

The also 2005 series revival of the long-running British science fiction television programme Doctor Who features several tie-in websites produced by the BBC website team that viewers can access on the Internet. Whilst none of the material in the websites is necessary to understand the broadcast episodes, they are examples of viral marketing, a means of promoting the programme as well as supplementary material for the entertainment of fans of the series. The network of tie-in websites uses elements reminiscent of (although not as elaborate as) alternate reality games. With the exception of Deffry Vale, International Electromatics and Cybus Fitness, these websites have disclaimers indicating their fictional nature.

In Doctor Who Magazine #367, James Goss, producer of's cult television websites, announced that Series 2 would feature "dozens" of inter-related sites featuring interactive games, to create "the most ambitious online fictional world ever". In the same article he revealed that the content for the websites would be written by Joseph Lidster, produced by Rob Francis and created by games company, Sequence.

A number of fans have also set up similar sites tying into the series, including several concerning the political campaigns of the fictional Mr Saxon.

As of November 2011, all of the sites listed are inaccessible. It is unknown if any of these sites will be reactivated, or if other websites will be created in support of a future episodes of Doctor Who.

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