Diving - Dive Groups

Dive Groups

There are six "groups" into which dives are classified: Forward, Back, Inward, Reverse, Twist, and Armstand. The latter applies only to Platform competitions, whereas the other five apply to both Springboard and Platform.

  • in the Forward Group (Group 1), the diver takes off facing forward and rotates forward
  • in the Back Group (2), the diver takes off with their back to the water and rotates backward
  • in the Reverse Group (3), the diver takes off facing forward and rotates backward
  • in the Inward Group (4), the diver takes off with their back to the water and rotates forward
  • any dive incorporating an axial twisting movement is in the Twist group (5).
  • any dive commencing from a handstand is in the Armstand group (6). (Only on platform)

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