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In comic book and superhero stories, disguises are used to hide secret identities and keep special powers secret from ordinary people. For example, Superman passes himself off as Clark Kent, and Spider-Man disguises himself in a costume so that he cannot be recognized as Peter Parker.

In science fiction, aliens often take on a human appearance wearing "human suits" as a disguise.

In epic poetry, Odysseus uses the disguise of a beggar to test his family's and servants' loyalty upon his return from a 20 year voyage.

Disguise is sometimes used in criminal activity and in spying, and is a common trope in detective fiction and in spy stories. Sherlock Holmes often disguised himself as somebody else to avoid being recognized.

Also, the Clay Camel, one of Mandrake the Magician's foes is considered the Master of the Disguise, because he's able to mimic anyone and change his appearance in seconds.

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