Discrete Gaussian

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Scale Space Implementation - Finite-impulse-response (FIR) Smoothers
... a pair of real zeros at Z < 0, and approaches the discrete Gaussian in the limit of small t ... t can be used as the infinitesimal generator for the discrete Gaussian kernels described above ... At finer scales, the combination makes an excellent approximation to the discrete Gaussian if the poles and zeros each do about half the smoothing ...
Gaussian Function - Discrete Gaussian
... One may ask for a discrete analog to the Gaussian this is necessary in discrete applications, particularly digital signal processing ... A simple answer is to sample the continuous Gaussian, yielding the sampled Gaussian kernel ... However, this discrete function does not have the discrete analogs of the properties of the continuous function, and can lead to undesired effects, as described in the ...
Scale Space Implementation - Recursive Filters
... and backward to make a sixth-order symmetric approximation to the Gaussian with low computational complexity for any smoothing scale ... that good smoothing filters would be "normalized PĆ³lya frequency sequences", a family of discrete kernels that includes all filters with real poles at and/or, as well as with real zeros ... To match the transfer function curvature at zero frequency of the discrete Gaussian, which ensures an approximate semi-group property of additive t, two poles at can be ...

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