Dirt Boss

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List Of Robots In Transformers Animated - Decepticons - Constructicons
... Dirt Boss (John Mariano) Dirt Boss is the leader of the Constructicons who turns into a forklift ... Bulkhead nearly convinced them to join the Autobots until Dirt Boss arrived and took control over them ... After Bulkhead foiled Dirt Boss's plan to destroy the fossil fuel refinery, the Constructicons were caught in an explosion over Dinobot Island, where Scrapper was marooned and ...
Constructicons - Transformers Animated
... Modes 3 or 4 Decepticons Series Transformers Animated English voice actor John Mariano (Dirt Boss) Japanese voice actor Tetsuo Gotó (Dirt Boss) The Constructicons appear in the Transformers Animated ... Composed of Mixmaster (Jeff Bennett) Scrapper (Tom Kenny), and Dirt Boss (John Mariano), they are Construction vehicles brought to life by Allspark fragments. 2 Constructicons (with the exception of Dirt Boss who was created later) ...
Breakdown (Transformers) - Transformers: Cybertron - Animated Series
... Ransack and Crumplezone tricked Hot Shot and Dirt Boss into believing that a race between them would determine which of them would be allowed to race Override for the Planet Cup ... The qualification round started with Override, Dirt Boss, Ransack, Crumplezone, Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, Red Alert, Landmine, Clocker and Brakedown participating ... giant space bridges on Velocitron by Brakedown, Clocker and Dirt Boss, on the planet Animatros by Backstop, Undermine and Brimstone, and on Earth ...

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    When you overpay small people you frighten them. They know that their merits or activities entitle them to no such sums as they are receiving. As a result their boss soars out of economic into magic significance. He becomes a source of blessings rather than wages. Criticism is sacrilege, doubt is heresy.
    Ben Hecht (1893–1964)

    The gold-digger in the ravines of the mountains is as much a gambler as his fellow in the saloons of San Francisco. What difference does it make whether you shake dirt or shake dice? If you win, society is the loser.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)