Direct Runoff

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Lake Erie Watershed (Pennsylvania) - Sub-units of The Watershed - Direct Runoff
... Some Pennsylvania lands have surface runoff that drains directly into Lake Erie ... Erie International Airport is located in the largest of these direct runoff zones, west of the City of Erie, between Walnut Creek and Cascade Creek sub-watersheds ... operations require federal permits and extensive measures are taken to contain and process the runoff properly ...
Lake Erie Watershed (Pennsylvania) - Sub-units of The Watershed - Presque Isle Bay Watershed
... in the City of Erie and two neighboring townships which surround three direct runoff zones, including Presque Isle State Park, and two sub-watersheds, which all feed into ... Nearby Gridley Park, in an adjacent direct runoff zone to the east, was named Cascade Park when the city was laid out in the late 18th century ... area between Ash Street and Parade Street, with Mill Creek Sub-watershed to the west and a direct runoff zone to the east ...
Unit Hydrograph
... unit response of a watershed (in terms of runoff volume and timing) to a unit input of rainfall ... It can be defined as the direct runoff hydrograph (DRH) resulting from one unit (e.g ... As a UH is applicable only to the direct runoff component of a hydrograph (i.e ...

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