Dimitar Andonovski

Dimitar Andonovski (Macedonian: Димитар Андоновски, born September 6, 1985 in Bitola, SR Macedonia, SFR Yugoslavia) is an Ethnic Macedonian singer.

Dimitar Andonovski was a student for the Center for Music Education in his native home town of Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. He is not known only for being such a good singer,but he is also a good violinist.His first singing experience was in 1994 when he participated on children festival Si-Do in Bitola, and immediately after that, he appeared on Macedonian Television.

He rose to fame in 2003 when he was one of the candidates on M2 Play Search,organised in December 2003.Unfortunately,he was not in first 4,so he did not take part in the new group '4play'.