Dimensionality Reduction

Some articles on dimensionality reduction:

Feature Extraction - General
... if no such expert knowledge is available general dimensionality reduction techniques may help ... These include Principal component analysis Semidefinite embedding Multifactor dimensionality reduction Multilinear subspace learning Nonlinear dimensionality reduction Isomap Kernel PCA Multilinear ...
Dimension Reduction - Feature Extraction
... linear, as in principal component analysis (PCA), but many nonlinear dimensionality reduction techniques also exist ... The main linear technique for dimensionality reduction, principal component analysis, performs a linear mapping of the data to a lower dimensional space in such a way that the variance of the data in the low-dime ... A different approach to nonlinear dimensionality reduction is through the use of autoencoders, a special kind of feed-forward neural networks with a bottle-neck hidden layer ...

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