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The story focusses on three characters and their different perspectives on love. Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) does not believe in love. He thinks it is impossible for two people to be together for their entire lives. Pooja (Madhuri Dixit) believes that somebody has been made for her, all she has to do is meet them. Finally, Nisha (Karisma Kapoor) believes that love is friendship, she believes that when a boy and girl are friends they are destined to fall in love.

Rahul and Nisha are best friends who both share a passion for dancing. They have worked together in many musicals. Rahul announces his desire to direct a new musical called 'Maya' which focuses on a girl who every man dreams about. He writes up a script and shows it to Nisha. Nisha thinks the script is not realistic enough but after persuasion, she agrees to take on the role. Because Rahul does not believe in love, he sees Nisha only as his best friend whereas Nisha is secretly in love with Rahul but never plucks up the courage to tell him. Meanwhile Pooja is an orphan. Ever since her parents died when she was very young, Pooja has been raised by their close friends, who wish to see Pooja marry their only son Ajay (Akshay Kumar). Although Pooja does not feel Ajay is the one for her, she agrees to marry him, because she feels obliged to his parents for taking her in. Pooja is also a very talented dancer.

One night Rahul, Nisha and some members of their dancing troupe go out for Valentine's Day. Rahul tells Nisha that he believes it is all nonsense as he thinks that none of the couples at the party could possibly be in love. Nisha disagrees with Rahul's view. On a number of occasions, Rahul and Pooja coincidentally come across one other but do not speak. On Nisha's birthday, she gets really drunk and tells Rahul that she is in love with him. Later, Nisha injures her leg and her doctor says that she cannot dance for a long time. Rahul goes out looking for another girl for the role in the play. He discovers Pooja dancing one day and realises that she is perfect for the role. She agrees to take on the role and becomes quickly friendly with the rest of the group. She and Rahul start finding themselves falling for each other but at the same time try to keep their distance from one another. Nisha soon recovers and on returning notices that Pooja and Rahul are in love. Although devastated, she wants only the best for Rahul and decides to leave for London in order to allow them to come together.

Pooja and Rahul go to visit Pooja's old dance tutor. Pooja's tutor thinks it is obvious that Pooja is in love with Rahul but Pooja keeps denying it (although inside she knows she does love him but cannot due to her engagement with Ajay). Later, it is the wedding of two members of the dance troupe. At the wedding, after everyone has left Rahul gets closer to Pooja and kisses her neck where both finally realise their love for one another. However, problems arise when Ajay who has been in London for a long time tells Pooja and his mother that he is returning and wishes to marry Pooja as soon as possible. Ajay arrives and Rahul learns that he is Pooja's fiance, Rahul is heartbroken. Nisha, who has returned from London realises that Rahul is hurt and tries to comfort him. Rahul edits the end of the play to reflect his devastation.

On the night of the play, Ajay realises that Pooja is in love with Rahul. He releases her from the engagement and the play does not end in the sad way Rahul had intended it to end. Rahul and Pooja are applauded by the audience as they confess their love for one another.

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