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Instantaneous Cloud Media

A second business model to consider is a cloud based system which contains all the digital media that users are interested in. Users are granted access to this cloud for an easy and cheap low month or yearly fee. A system like this that is designed to provide streaming digital media through a social atmosphere would over time create a network externality eliminating piracy of digital media. With a system like this users can easily obtain all the digital media they are interested in easily at their finger tips. A cloud infrastructure like this would allow digital computing with easily available software for users but also allow other forms of digital media such as music, movies and books.

Companies who have adopted this model include Spotify and Intel Insider. Spotify advertises a free business model, where users are given free music with advertising or for a monthly fee no advertising. Users who use the free version of Spotify grow accustomed to the customizability and personalization of making playlists. This personalizable and customizable data feeds Spotify with detailed information which they can use to increase revenues. In addition, Spotify creates a social atmosphere through connecting with social networks such as Facebook. This social network is advertising in itself, a business model advantage.

Intel Insider provides high quality HD movies from the mobile platform to the TV. This technology controls access to movies and prevents users from being able to copy and pirate the media. Through the purchase of their enabled hardware users are granted Hollywood feature films at their fingertips the day the movie is released to the movie theatres. This technology is essential DRM in itself. With the protected audio and video paths users are prevented from even accessing the media and are only able to see the effects of it coming out the tv. With this technology media dwellers won’t have to beat the box office to see the new Tuesday night showing. This blue ray quality is a magnet to the home entertainment enthusiast.

Media streaming from the cloud in encrypted forms provides a strong piracy deterrent. However, this is also a magnet for media enthusiasts who are interested in easily obtainable media. Providing this cheap and easily obtainable media connected to social networking promotes growth in user experiences and throughput. With this cloud model any user can connect and enjoy instantaneous gratification.

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