Digital Organs

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Electronic Organ - In Church - Digital Organs in Church
... These are instruments designed as pipe organ replacements or as digital consoles to play existing pipes ... greatly over the last two decades, and are now a common alternative to the pipe organ, particularly in churches ... These are often referred to as digital organs ...
Electronic Organ - Modern Digital Organ Technologies (1980s-) - DSP
... See also Digital signal processing and Physical modelling synthesis The best digital organs of the 2000s (decade) have a number of features which distinguish their sound ... Digital organs may use multiple Digital signal processor (DSP) chips paralleled for extremely fast processing and generation of the organ sound ... Organ sound in most current digital organs is derived from digital signal processors in either a sampled or synthesis type generation system ...
Organ (music) - Electronic Organs - Digital Organs
... Digital organs sold since the 1970s utilize additive synthesis, then sampling technology (1980s) and physical modelling synthesis (1990s) are also utilized to produce the sound ... started a new trend for the 21st century by building electronic keyboard organs into grant piano cabinets combining sampled organ sounds with other instrument voices like their own grand pianos ... Yamaha or Progressive Harmonic Imaging effects create realistic pipe organ sounds as well as realistic grand piano sounds ...

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