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  • D-Reaper: An out-of-control computer program. The main antagonist.
  • Hypnos
    • Mitsuo Yamaki - Head of Hypnos. He was voiced by Susumu Chiba (Japan) and Steven Blum (US).
    • Reika Ootori (Ootori Reika) / Riley Ootori - Chief System Operator. Voiced by Tifanie Christun (English, Series) and Philece Sampler (English, Movie).
    • Megumi Onodera (Onodera Megumi) / Tally Onodera - System Operator. Voiced by Peggy O'Neal (US).
  • Man In Black - Unnamed Hypnos agent and field operative that is seen several times in the series. Voiced by R. Martin Klein.
  • Zhuqiaomon: One of the four Sovereign. Initially seems the antagonist, but later puts aside his quest to destroy humans. Helps in the final battle along with the other Sovereigns by pulling the D-Reaper back to the Digital World.
  • Mephistomon: Ultimate Digimon. Main enemy of Battle of Adventurers. Is created from the data of an Apoclymon and battles Omnimon before ending up in the real world. Poses as a human and creates the V-Pets to create havok and destroy the world. Is apparently destroyed by Growlmon, but after his plans after defeated, he emerges in his Mega form of Gulfmon, but is destroyed by WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon and Taomon with Trinity Burst.
  • Parasimon: Mega Digimon and main enemy of Runaway Locomon. Rather weak for a Mega, but can control the actions of humans and Digimon. Controls Locomon in order to create a portal between the Real and Digital world so a massive army of Parasimon can invade Earth. Controls Rika as well, but is stopped by Guilmon. Is destroyed by Gallantmon, but sends a signal that brings the army to Earth. Many are destroyed by Gallantmon, MegaGargomon, Sakuyamon, Justimon, Guardromon, MarineAngemon and Beelzemon before Gallantmon: Crimson Mode obliterates the army with his Crimson Light attack and closes the portal.

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