Digimon Partner

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Digimon Next - Main Characters
... Yuu Inui and Gaomon Gaomon is the Digimon partner of Yuu Inui ... Something to be known there is a boy named Yuu in Digimon Xros Wars) Ami Kitajima and Pichimon Pichimon is the digimon partner of Ami Kitajima, a friend of Tsurugi who ... Shou Kahara and Peckmon A black Peckmon is the Digimon Partner of Shou and possesses the Bird Digi-Memory, which Barbamon needs to gain total control over the Digital World ...
Yamato "Matt" Ishida - Other Humans - Other Digidestined
... His Digimon partner is a Betamon who can Digivolve into Seadramon ... Sam's Digimon partner is Flarerizamon, Tatum's is Airdramon, Maria's is Centarumon, Steve's is Frigimon, and Lou's is Tortomon ... Each of them has a Syakomon for a Digimon partner that can digivolve into Octomon ...

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