Differential Hardening

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Differential Heat Treatment
... Differential hardening (also called differential quenching, selective quenching, selective hardening, or local hardening) is most commonly used in bladesmithing to increase the toughness of a blade while ... Differential hardening most often consists of coating the back or spine of a blade with an insulating layer ... Differential hardening will produce two different zones of hardness, which respond differently to grinding, sharpening, and polishing ...
Techniques - Selective Heat Treating - Differential Hardening
... Some techniques allow different areas of a single object to receive different heat treatments ... This is called differential hardening ...
Differential Heat Treatment - Differential Tempering
... Differential tempering (also called graded tempering, selective tempering or local tempering) is the inverse of differential hardening, to ultimately produce similar results ... Differential tempering begins by taking steel that has been uniformly quenched and hardened, and then heating it in localized areas to reduce the ... The most common use for differential tempering was for heat treating cutting tools, such as axes and chisels, where an extremely hard edge is desired ...

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