Die Freien

Die Freien was a 19th century circle of political philosophers in Germany, gathering for informal discussion over a period of a few years.

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Max Stirner - Biography
... with a group of young philosophers called "Die Freien" ("The Free"), and whom historians have subsequently categorized as the Young Hegelians ... belief, Ludwig Feuerbach was not a member of Die Freien, although he was heavily involved in Young Hegelian discourse ... It is unclear whether this and the group sketch of Die Freien at Hippel's are the only first hand images of Stirner, although it is highly likely ...
Die Freien - Philosophy
... Other Young Hegelians had other qualms about Hegel’s Philosophy David Strauss did not accept Hegel’s claims of Christian historicity renouncing any historical basis to Christianity in favour of its demythization, claiming that the stories found in the Bible should be understood as myths "constructed not by individuals but by the earliest Christian communities in response to the teaching of Christ and the Messianic tradition which they had inherited from the Old Testament.". ...

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