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Power Sigils

There are currently ten known Power Sigils, each used to tap into a unique aspect of the realm's energy through dice-like Di-Gata Stones. Individually, each Sigil is capable of unleashing a burst of raw energy, but when used in combination with each other, the energy aspects blend together to form a Henge. Not only does this create a far greater concentration of power, it also allows access to other kinds of destructive or helpful powers. These sigils are also inscribed on various locations, objects, articles of clothing and sometimes as birthmarks or tattoos on the people's faces (like Brackus' Infinis tattoo on his forehead).To study the Sigils one must first realize that no sigil is evil and no sigil is good. The sigils transcend these moralistic notions, they represent parts of the whole and could never exist without their opposites. It is through the combination of Sigils that one creates true power, this is why pupils focus their study on two sigils, a single sigil is of limited value and power on its own.

OGAMA, the sigil of Order. To study Ogama is to seek control and order in all things, even in chaos.

The Architect of creation, born out of chaos, Ogama’s sphere of influence covers meanings from authoritarian to tranquil control. Studying Ogama allows the person to see that even in times of chaos and turmoil, there is still some hope to see order or control.

The Sigil: Ogama consists of an arch with two small bars and a bar struck through at the top. The arch represents the containment of something and the two small bars jutting out from the arch to give it a firm footing. The bar at the apex of the arch signifies the single power controlling all that is encompassed by the arch.

As a warrior sigil, Ogama's side points and the one atop its arc are used (Erik's Singeing Spar). As a booster, Ogama is either connected to the base sigil using the top bar on the arc (The Yan-Ogama henge on Si'i's stomach), or used as a separate sigil (Erik's Generator and Constructor).

Used by: Erik (Ogama and Infinis), Doku, and Bo(inexperienced) (Dako and Ogama). Guardians: Robutus (Ogama), Lockdown (Ogama-Infinis), Voltantis (Ogama-Yin), and Si'i (Ogama-Yan). Opposite Sigil: Dako

  • Infinis

INFINIS, the sigil of Eternity. To study Infinis is to learn and understand the universes’ constant circle of life. The orb of life, Infinis’ sphere of influence covers meanings from greatness to fate. To study Infinis is to learn to see the continuity and connectivity of all things.

The Sigil: Infinis consists of a winding path with two protruding bars. This represents the fact that all paths lead to the endlessly cyclical nature of creation.

As a warrior sigil, Infinis usually uses the two sides points (Brackus' Blazing Fires of Dako), but can have another sigil strike through it (The Megalith's Henge). As a booster, it can attach itself to complete a sigil (Erik's Forge Fire), or replace a certain part of a sigil (Dreadcrow's henge).

Used by: Erik (Ogama and Infinis), Adam (Yin, Yan, and Infinis), Brackus (Dako and Infinis), Flinch, and a nameless warlord (Yin and Infinis). Guardians: Firefox (Infinis), Anaconduit (Nega-Infinis), Dreadcrow (Infinis-Yin), Darkviper (Nega-Infinis-Yin), Lockdown (Ogama-Infinis), and the Megalith (Altas-Infinis). Opposite Sigil: Altas

  • Yin

YIN, the sigil of Youth. To study Yin is to see the Realm through fresh eyes everyday and to overturn the past in favour of the new. Energy of the Realm, Yin’s sphere of influence covers meanings from inexperience to boundless enthusiasm.

The Sigil: Yin is composed of a split bar with another smaller bar driven through it. This represents the sapling growing, reaching its searching tendrils out above the ground. Another amusing interpretation put forward by Disciples of Yan is that Yin represents a man turned on its head, feet in the air peddling madly.

As a warrior, Yin either has the top two points used (Malco's Concentration of Yin), or anything below the horizontal line (Rion's Argent Razor), depending on the sigil. As a booster, Yin has the tendency to use its top two points to replace a line with only one (Kara's Tornado, Rion's Argent Wildfire, Malco's Meteor).

Used by: Kara (Yin and Altas), Rion (Yin and Nega), Adam (Yin, Yan, and Infinis), Flinch, a nameless warlord (Yin and Infinis), Malco (Yin and Dako), Snare (Yin and Sum), and Kid Cole (Yin, Nega, and Dako). Guardians: V-Moth (Yin), Vehemoth (Yin), Dreadcrow (Yin-Infinis), Darkviper (Nega-Infinis-Yin), Protozoa (Yin-Yan), and Voltanis (Ogama-Yin). Opposite Sigil: Yan

  • Yan

YAN, the sigil of Wisdom. To study Yan is to seek the wisdom of the ancients and knowledge from the past. Father of all, Yan’s sphere of influence covers meanings from enlightenment to caution.

The Sigil: Yan is composed of a twice bent bar struck through by a large bar. This represents the past and the present unchanging and the knowledge and wisdom that comes from age.

As a warrior, Yan either has the vertical line replaced (Arvengus' henge) or the north and south ends are in use (Adam's Power of the Guild). As a booster, Yan will be either on top of the base sigil (The Yan-Dako henge), or even inside it (Melosa's Breath of Zephyr).

Used by: Mel (Yan and Sum) and Adam (Yin, Yan, and Infinis). Guardians: Draykor (Yan), Arvengus (Nega-Yan), Protozoa (Yin-Yan), and Si'i (Ogama-Yan). Opposite Sigil: Yin

  • Nega

NEGA, the sigil of Force. To study Nega is to learn that destruction and severance are roads to greater things. The hammer of creation, Nega’s sphere of influence covers meanings from barbarity to potency.

The Sigil: Nega is composed of a lightning bolt struck through by a bar. This bar is called "The Handle of Force". This represents destructive power that is controlled by an overseeing force. No force is random, no force is meaningless, force always has direction.

As a warrior, Nega's top bar is always used (Anaconduit/Darkviper's henge). As a booster, when there's just one, it either replaces horizontal lines (Rion's Oppressor), or cuts through the sigil (The Nova Henge). When there's more than one, Nega acts more as extensions (Rion's Guise of Pearl) or replacements (Seth's Twisting Chaos).

Used by: Seth (Dako and Nega), Rion (Yin and Nega), and Kid Cole (Dako, Nega, and Yin). Guardians: Anaconduit (Nega-Infinis), Darkviper (Nega-Infinis-Yin), Arvengus (Nega-Yan), Tormentor (Dako-Nega), Stinger (Nega). Opposite Sigil: Sum

DAKO, the sigil of Chaos. To study Dako is to accept and embrace change. Mother of all creation, Dako’s sphere of influence covers meanings from complete anarchy to disarray. To study Dako is to ride the wanton breeze of change, to feel its ebb and flow.

The Sigil: Dako is composed of an orbit struck through by a broad bar. This represents the broken path, the shattered cycle that is Dako.

As a warrior, Dako's vertical line is the key (Seth's Pandemonium). As a booster, when there's just one, it either sits underneath the warrior sigil (Dark Malco's Black Torpedo) or on top of the sigil (Doku's Blistering Diablo). When there's more than one, it either adds on to the main sigil (Seth's Nega Mass) or replaces a part of it (Malco's Swarm of Locusts).

Used by: Seth (Dako and Nega), Doku, Bo (Dako and Ogama), Kali (Dako and Altas), Kid Cole (Dako, Nega, and Yin), Finn (Dako and Sum), Malco/Dark Malco (Dako and Yin), Brackus (Dako and Infinis), and The Zads (Dako and Ethos). Guardians: Kragus (Dako), Omnikragg (Dako-Altas), Revoldenn (Dako-Sum), Tormentor (Dako-Nega), Taurius (Dako). Opposite Sigil: Ogama

  • Sum

SUM, the sigil of Peace. To study Sum is to seek inner peace and to know the undying nature of the Realms energy. The reflecting pool of creation, Sum’s sphere of influence covers meanings from harmony to stagnation. To study Sum is to know the undying nature of the Realms energy and the rebirth of all.

The Sigil: Sum is composed of two spheres, one inside the other, attached by two bars. This represents the peace within. Some claim that the symbol is representative of the child in the womb but there is nothing to substantiate this.

As a warrior, Sum tends to have sigils on top, underneath it, and/or inside it (Melosa's Crystal Casket). As a booster, it does the same action except onto another sigil (Melosa's Snow Blast).

Used by: Mel (Sum and Yan), Snare (Sum and Yin), and Finn (Sum and Dako). Guardians: Sliver (Sum), Revoldenn (Dako-Sum). Opposite Sigil: Nega

ALTAS, the sigil of Balance. To study Altas is to know the center, to feel the balance of the sigils. The fulcrum, Altas’ sphere of influence covers meanings from equality to stasis.

The Sigil: Altas is composed of a sphere with four protruding bars. This represents the fact that all paths are connected and unchanging.

As a warrior, Altas uses all four points to its advantage (Kara's Bolt of Altas). It is rarely used as a booster.

Used by: Kara (Yin and Altas), and Kali (Dako and Altas). Guardians: Megalith (Infinis-Altas), Omniaxor (Altas), Omnikrag (Dako-Altas). Opposite Sigil: Infinis

VITUS is the sigal of Renewal. It is a new sigil described in the episode Vitus. Seth had a Vitus stone carved by Brim, but it could only be used once. The stone was used on Melosa after she was taken over by the Megalith in 'One Down', its power then was to purge its presence from her. It is unknown whether Vitus will reappear elsewhere in the series. Created by a mysterious stone carver in the Kingdoms of Maligor, Vitus is a bit of a Legend in Rados. Few have seen it and even fewer have used its enigmatic power. Encompassing the powers of renewal (and death which is merely a stage of renewal), it is said the Vitus Sigil can bring the dead back to life and grow crops for thousands to eat. But as there is no recorded use of the sigil that can be confirmed, its power remains a mystery. There is a popular folk tale that claims the Amican Forest was create by a Vitus Stone cast by Kor Yin-an to create a magical retreat for the wizards of Yan, but there is nothing to substantiate this.

The Ninth Sigil also has no known opposite like the other eight sigils which makes it a very unbalanced and combustible power. Theoretically it will only function once and then the stone will be consumed.

The Vitus Sigil represents a spring of water, thrusting up through the two layers of the Realm; the physical and the metasigical.

Used by: Seth (in the form of a champion stone) Guardians: None

ETHOS: This sigil was first introduced by Alnar when he explained to the Defenders about the coming of the Ethos. The Zad and some Ethos emissaries are the only beings in the series so far that use Ethos Stones. It can combine with other sigils to form attacks involving dark sorcery. Also dubbed the "Shadow Stone" by some people. it was confirmed by Greg Collinson to be called Ethos or Mortagor. Strangely, there has been no mention of what the opposite of Ethos is, although it is obvious there is one since it can be cast in stone form. As a warrior, Ethos uses the two bottom horizontal lines (The Zad's attack that resembles a missile). It has not yet been used as a booster.

Used by: The Zads (Ethos and Dako) Guardians: none Opposite Sigil: Nostrum Vitae?

NOSTRUM VITAE: When Brackus is a healer, he carries a stone around with another sigil on it. This sigil is confirmed to be called Nostrum Vitae, it was confirmed by Greg Collinson in the Di-Gata Forums. It was introduced in "The Healer". He uses it against Tormentor, causing him to turn to dust upon contact with its power. Like Ethos, there is no mention of the opposite of Nostrum Vitae, although it is assumed to have one, since the stone was used more than once (the first time being offscreen, to heal a baby; this was when the Defenders approached the tent with the Healer in it)

Used by: The Healer (Brackus) Guardians: Nostrum Vitae Mask Opposite Sigil: Ethos?

Other Sigils: During the main theme for season 2, there are two instances when new sigils appear. The first is when Eric is seen with his welding equipment, working on a yellow-colored stone. The sigil itself looks like a miniature Dako with an X on top of it. This sigil has been confirmed to be either Mal-Ra or Orn-Ra.

The second instance is when immediately after Eric is wearing a blue-violet colored cloak with the first stone. He then rotates to show a vermillion-colored stone in his hand. This sigil has been dubbed as the XT sigil and has been confirmed to be the opposite of the sigil mentioned above.

Brim apparently knows of their existence and how to carve them, but has had that knowledge transferred to Erik, who is now a master carver.

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