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Key Technology

In the Realm, most technology is carved from stone, or metal and powered by Di-Gata Stones.

The Key

Not necessarily a piece of technology, but still has properties to make it useful. It is a large blue stone engraved with Yan sigils all over it. It is a detector of great energies. If it senses an energy source nearby, it will react by glowing. As it glows brighter, the source is more closer. It is the only tool besides Mel's power that can find the approximate location where the Pure Stone is hiding.
The Defenders kept it after they defeated Malco in "The Key to Victory". However, they lost it when Signey forked it over to Flinch in exchange for the safe return of her mother. The Order of Infinis used The Key to track the Defender's movements after they collected the Dako Pure Stone. At one point, The Key was broken in half by Anaconduit and Kragus in their little tussle in "Doom Chase", the Key was then repaired one episode later. After the key was repaired, Brackus borrowed it to find the Defenders with Malco and Flinch in the sunken Monastery, thinking there would be a Pure Stone and Malco and Flinch may have known where one was. Brackus collects the Ogama Pure Stone in exchance for the return of Melosa. But when Malco and Flinch were going to finish off the Defenders, a sea monster entered the room and attacked them. It grabbed Flinch and tossed him into Brackus as he was leaving. Brackus held on to the Pure Stone, but lost the Key. Seth reclaimed it before they resurfaced from the monastery.
They didn't have the Key for long when they entered the "Den of Thieves". A man bumped into Erik and swiped it from him. Later, Snare manages to get a hold of it. But things get more strange when Adam is seen holding the Key in "The Returning" with the Nova Stone. He used it to find the Yin, Yan and Dako Pure Stones, hoping to find the Defenders. As of that point, the Defenders have held on to the key, even when Adam turned over the pure stones and Kara over to Brackus to "make things right".

Erik's Gauntlet

Erik is the only character besides Flinch and Doku that uses a device to launch or activate stones. He describes it as a "remote energy manipulation gauntlet". His gauntlet can also do other functions like control Robotus, activate other machines, and bio-scans. In Ms. Fortune, it also gave him super strength by using its backup power to operate, however it released a discharge when held on for too long. After this episode ended, this power was inaccessible because the cells that stored this energy were diminished.
Erik added a new function he called the Backlasher. It was designed to absorb energy and redirect it back at its attacker. However, he had problems with the energy flow. Luckily, Von Faustien gave him a sigil flux crystal, which came in handy to contain the energies of an Annihilator stone.

Yan-Altas Container

For the duration of the first season, the Container was a device designed to hold the Pure stones to shield them from being found by the Key. It is made from a rock called Ultimite, which has the power to absorb magical essences and prevent any energy emissions from occurring. The Defenders first got it from Brim. However, when they found the Dako Pure stone, and had confrontation with the Dakonauts, the Container was destroyed, enabling the Order of Infinis to track the Stones wherever they were. Erik was able to fashion a new container. When the Pure stones were destroyed and the Megalith released, Seth temporarily used the container as a shield for the Nova Stone, preventing it from sensing Nazmul within the stone.

Sigil Stormer

The main transport for the current Defenders to travel around Rados. They are also known as "Bikes". It is fueled on Di-Gata stones. Each of the Defenders have one, and extra people hitch rides with them, but usually have their own helmets. The Stormers are capable of flight and have energy weapons for combat.

Replicator Stone

In the Bang-yadi mountains, Flinch and Malco put together a machine that could created a limitless supply of squid-like Obelisk robots for the Order. However, Brackus ordered immediate mass production and the Replicator Stone had a power overload. As a result, its programming became self-aware and ordered all it Obelisk creations to destroy all of Rados. It was stopped when Flinch used his Cyclone, amplified by Erik's Generator. In doing so, it shut down the Replicator stone and most of the Obelisks (except one which appeared in "What Lies Beneath", where Seth kills it by ripping out its circuitry via his stone arm).

The Machine of Binding

This machine was used to activate the power of the Pure Stones to seal the Megalith. However, it had no control over the outside damage the seal would cause. In "Dark Descent", the Defenders tried to reverse the polarity of the machine to draw the Pure stones to it, but they nearly destroyed the realm with a Negastorm. However, they managed to keep their Dako Pure Stone and get the Yan Pure Stone in the process. As of now, the Machine of Blinding is now useless, since the Megalith is destroyed and the Pure Stones as well. Even if they could use it again, it was also destroyed by Seth's inhuman strength, because the Spell of Blinding would have destroyed RaDos if it was successful.

The Shift Stone

This device is both a timer and a key. Six of the eight sigils are engraved on each face of the stone, and rotate as time goes on. When all the sigils are aligned, the timer reaches 0 and Rados has a equinox. At this point, the device can be used as a key at the Shift Beacon to open a portal between the Dark Realm (where the Ethos reside) and RaDos itself. Large amounts of energies are required along with the Shift Stone to open larger portals or for people to get out of the Dark Realm and back to RaDos. The Defenders acquired this stone from one of the Zad and used it to open the portal to the Dark Realm to rescue Kara and stop the Ethos simultaneously. The Ethos who were currently in Rados fused the Shift stone to the Beacon but Erik was able to pry it out with his father's tools, barely managing to get it out before more Ethos entered Rados.

Celestial Abyss

Fifty years before the show's current timeline, the Wizards of Yan were fighting the Ethos in the sieges of Yan-Suma. A superweapon created by Flinch, called the Celestial Abyss, was designed to banish the Ethos to the Dark Realm. However, due to Melosa's interference in the past, the device was frozen and in Ethos hands. It was recovered and a younger Brackus used the device to finish the Ethos. The Celestial Abyss was then broken up into five pieces that would later be known as the Five Icons. Each icon was hidden by a Wizard of Yan so no evil can ever re-assemble it and use it. They can be found in two ways: Either by using the orb of Ogama-Yan, or the five Tracker Stones that the Defenders currently have in their possession. The Ethos are using this weapon to re-open a portal to the Dark Realm, while the Defenders are trying to re-seal them. The Orb of Ogama-Yan is currently in possession of Kara who stole it from Malco's vault. The Defenders now have all but one Icon, which is yet to be found.Later Filch and Malco create the weapon which releases the Ethos after which Rion uses them to form his armour and succeeds in destroying the Ethos.

The Guardianizer

It was a rifle-sized weapon, created and developed by Si'i. It had the power to absorb guardians into its mechanism, then release a mutant guardian, made up of both body and sigil parts of the original guardians used. However, the cost was these guardians were psychotic and couldn't distinguish allies from foes. It was used on the Defender's guardians when Si'i was found out about his illegal operation (It was illegal in RaDos to distribute or sell Guardians unless you had some affiliation with the Gata-shin Monks or Wizards of Yan). The Guardianizer was later modified to have its effects reversed, saving the Defender's guardians from a permanent mutation.
It was later rebuilt by Flinch, into a form of a giant cannon mounted to a chain in the ground (it had the power of levitation). Dark Malco wanted to use it so he could turn Rion into a Guardian, which Si'i split the beans about how this process was done. It was able to turn Rion into a mutated and uncontrollable guardian, and it required Seth to do the same thing to control him (Seth had a spell cast on him by Melosa so he wouldn't become berserk himself). The cannon was eventually trashed by falling debris and Si'i fell into the lava pit with it, after Seth and Rion were turned back into their original forms. However, Si'i became its last victim and flew off.


Tall, levitating, one-eyed robots built for one purpose: to serve Nazmul. About twelve years ago, the Dakonauts were defeated by the Wizards of Yan, but it took a large portion of their order to be able to pull it off. Four of them were rebuilt years later and were sent out to seek the Dako Pure stone. At first, the Defenders believed they were after the Dako Pure Stone, but they were really after Melosa. Seth then used the Vitus stone against Melosa, which released the Megalith energy within her. The energy that rippled out of her caused the Dakonauts to be destroyed again.

Seth's Mech arm

A robotic rock arm made by Erik so Seth could remain a Defender when he sacrificed his hand to Brackus. Erik wasn't finished stablilizing the Infimatter and had the power to influence Seth to work for Doku. Seth removes it after his hand was restored. He loses it again after he nearly destroyed Arboth with its awesome power. Seth later quits the Defenders for the inexplicable acts he committed.
After he returns to the Defenders, he gets another arm. At first it seems like your average metallic hand. But when it touches Seth's Di-Gata stone(s), it transforms into an arm-cannon, containing the stone(s) within its mechanism. When it fires the stone(s), the spell is summoned and the hand reverts to a claw mechanism. The stones used are contained within it and Seth has control over the direction the spell is fired, allowing for improved accuracy and control in battles.

Wizard Tower

Made after the Ethos war, these mighty castles were meant for the Wizards of Yan to reconnect with the sky. Nazmul's keep is an example. Though meant as a place of healing and knowledge, the Wizards installed a number of gun turrets just in case of attack.
An abandoned one by taken by Doku and his cohorts but they didn't have the necessary codes to operate it. Fortunately for them, Adam had the codes and inputed them one by one. Doku managed to copy the codes to take full control of the tower and sent it to Arboth to harvest its di-gata energy. Using a device called Regenesis, he regenerated his right hand and eye. His further plans were to travel beyond Rados but that required Di-Gata Defender energy. It just so happened that Seth, corrupted by his mech arm, was the perfect subject. But when Seth realizes what he had done, he reversed the energy flow, restoring Arboth and then smashed the Regenesis device, bringing the tower down to the ground.

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