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Henge/Champion Stones

Phase Stone

The Phase stone was owned by Adam and given to Melosa in "The Town that Time Forgot", as a parting gift. The spell on this stone is cast when tossed into an inanimate object or wall. As long as the spell is active, the user can walk through it as if it never existed. The stone can be recovered while shifting.
Mel only used its power once to get into the shaman's house without breaking the door down. Later on, in "Den of Thieves", it was used to release the Yinicor upon the Rougon thieves. The monster smashed open the cage that Melosa and Adam were held prisoner in. However, it was then taken back in "Adam and Eve of Destruction" as Adam used it to bust himself and Brackus out of Nazmul's dungeon. It has the henge of Yin and Infinis (The points on Yin are replaced by Infinis, much like Dreadcrow's henge).

The Nova Stone

The Nova stone was carved by Nazmul and Sari and was owned by Seth's father and then given to Seth after his death. It is extremely rare and has great power, making it the ultimate last resort weapon against evil. It has its own power source, so that it can be cast even when the caster's stone energy is depleted. When Seth cast it in The Key to Victory in order to defeat Malco, it fired a large beam of light (much like the beam attacks from Dragon Ball Z). But at the time, Seth's control over it was limited, as the recoil from the stone, knocked him back with the other Defenders.
A portion of its power was later consumed by Brim to construct the Vitus Stone for Seth. Though at the end of the episode, it is shown that Seth was tricked into giving the Nova Stone to Brim.
The stone was then recovered by Adam (mysteriously) and then was given to Seth to destroy the guardian of the Yin Pure Stone, and also gained complete mastery of its awesome power. However, Brackus then stole it because of its modified prison function was necessary to defeat Nazmul. The function was added on by Brim and Brackus found out about its power through Lizel.
Adam then gets it back for the Defenders and it is then used by Seth to separate Nazmul from Malco and sealed his spirit. Its power assisted later with the Warrior Henge and Kara to destroy the Megalith. However, Malco and Flinch stole it to try to free Nazmul, but were unsuccessful in doing so until the Ethos offered their help.
Malco and Flinch eventually take Brim hostage and use him to break open the Nova Stone, freeing Nazmul's spirit. However, Brim designed it so that it needs another host to contain Nazmul's spirit. After draining the life force from Malco, Nazmul began to walk RaDos. Only to have his power cut off by Brackus (to walk on Rados, Nazmul needed the Nova Stone's power) and destroyed by Seth's Nega Mass spell.
The Defenders currently hold onto the Nova Stone, and Nazmul's spirit has been vanquished from its confines. The Nova Stone has the Di-Gata (Ogama and Nega) henge on it (also called Nova).

The Flawed Stone

This stone was only seen in Flaw in The Ointment. It corrupted the villager's minds by creating an illusion of a Paradise, when really the village was corrupted and rotten. The elder didn't see that it was flawed. Mel was the only one who was immune to its effects after she saw through the illusion, and wasn't affected by its mind-altering powers. After she found where the stone was, she pulled the plug on the generator that was amplifying the stone's power. And by accident, Sebastian (the elder's robot servant) ran it over, destroying the stone and breaking the curse on the village.
Its henge consisted of Altas and two Negas (The Nega's top points are connected to the left and right sides of Altas).

Tracking Stone

The stone that Adam used so that Brackus could be easily found by the rest of the Order of Infinis. It has only appeared in Adam and Eve of Destruction and it is unknown whether that stone will ever show up again or how it works. One theory is that there is a power inside that needs a special device to pick up, another it could be like the GPS system. Its henge was made up of Sum and the Altas-Infinis henges (The line in the centre of Sum was replaced by the Altas-Infinis henge).

Transporter Stone

A transport system used in the Bakorian cycle. Brackus discovered it and use the system to transport his entire Yin-Tos army to the Spell Zone. This stone is required to summon and activate its power.
Its henge consists of Yin, Ogama and Altas (joined in order from top to bottom going middle) engraved on the stone.

Shaman's Stone

Only seen near the end of The One, the shaman used the stone to absorb the attack that was directed at him. He then cast it and a creature somewhat similar to the absorbed attack came out of it which attacked Malco. It was given to him by a Gatashun monk who was carrying the Dako Pure Stone.
Its henge consists of Yin and Sum (connected in order from top to bottom)

The Eternity Stone

This champion stone has appeared in Back Track'. Acquired from Dark Malco, Mel uses this stone and the staff given by a mysterious spirit in order to transport herself into the past. It is unknown whether it will reappear, as Melosa's grandmother kept it when she sent her forward in time.
Erik theorizes that the Eternity stone might tamper with the laws of temporal mechanics in which time is actually a loop instead of a straight line.
Its henge consists of Yin, Altas, Infinis, and Yan (joined in order from top to bottom).

Annihilator Stone

First appeared in "Von Faustien". Von Faustien tracked an Ethos-infested witch, Lady K'Tahsh to Port Reevus, threatening to activate an Annihilator Stone to finish her. It is a superweapon compacted into a stone, with enough raw power to eradicate any life form or structure within a ten-mile radius. The stone was activated by accident, but Erik managed to use his modified Energy Bider to fire the energy into the sky, preventing disaster.

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