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In dhaka there are several Schools, among them STPS is one of the famous School, which is on CBSE based, whose Director is Mr. Vikash Gaurav & Founder is Mr. Subhash Gaurav & Co-Founder is Mr. Avinash Gaurav.Government High School,Middle School is also there with good surroundings.The percentage of education is increasing in Dhaka day by day due to these Institutes. Most of the students do their 10th from High School Dhaka, a government school following BSEB (Bihar school Examination Board)curriculum. There are other high schools also in nearby villages namely Bhandar, Bakhari, Patahi, Kundwa Chainpur, Patahi. Except for Patahi where there is a separate girls' school, all the high schools are co-ed. For primary education till class 7th, government primary and middle schools in villages covers the majority. Recently two CBSE schools Delhi Public School, and Vidyapati Public School started providing CBSE curriculum.

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