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Engineering Design Process - Detailed Design
... The detailed design portion of the engineering design process is the task where the engineer can completely describe a product through solid modeling and drawings ... Materials requirements Reliability requirements External surface treatment Design life Packaging requirements External marking The advancement of computer-aided design, or CAD, programs ...
1900s (decade) - Technology
... (A detailed technical review of Marconi's early transatlantic work appears in John S ... While Carrier was not the first to design a system like this his was much more stable, successful and safer that other versions and took air conditioning out of the Dark Ages and into the realm of science." 1902/19 ... brothers' gliders to incorporate yaw control, and its design led directly to the 1903 Wright Flyer ...
Kronshtadt Class Battlecruiser - Design
... Several designs were submitted by the end of 1935, but the Navy was not satisfied and rejected all of them ... It asked for another design, displacing 23,000 metric tons (22,637 long tons) and armed with 254-millimeter (10.0 in) guns, in early 1936, eventually designated Project 22, but this design was ... The Soviets had been working on a small battleship design (Battleship 'B') for service in the Baltic and Black Seas and had to shrink it as a result of these discussions to a size close to that of the ...

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    Westerners inherit
    A design for living
    Deeper into matter—
    Not without due patter
    Of a great misgiving.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    ... every event has had its cause, and nothing, not the least wind that blows, is accident or causeless. To understand what happens now one must find the cause, which may be very long ago in its beginning, but is surely there, and therefore a knowledge of history as detailed as possible is essential if we are to comprehend the past and be prepared for the future.
    Pearl S. Buck (1892–1973)