Desarguesian Planes

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Projective Plane - Vector Space Construction - Desargues' Theorem and Desarguesian Planes
... The theorem of Desargues is universally valid in a projective plane if and only if the plane can be constructed from a 3 dimensional vector space over a skewfield as above ... These planes are called Desarguesian planes, named after GĂ©rard Desargues ... The real (or complex) projective plane and the projective plane of order 3 given above are examples of Desarguesian projective planes ...
Projective Plane - Subplanes - Fano Subplanes
... A Fano subplane is a subplane isomorphic to PG(2,2), the unique projective plane of order 2 ... If you consider a quadrangle (a set of 4 points no three collinear) in this plane, the points determine six of the lines of the plane ... In finite desarguesian planes, PG(2,q), Fano subplanes exist if and only if q is even (that is, a power of 2) ...

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