Deputy Chief

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Current Senior Australian Defence Organisation Personnel - Sortable Table of Current Senior ADO Leaders
... Organisations CDF - Chief of the Defence Force CDG - Capability Development Group CFO - Chief Finance Officer Group CIOG - Chief Information Officer Group ...
Los Angeles Police Department Resources - Ranks of The LAPD
... Police Deputy Chief I (Deputy Chief) Deputy Chief wears two silver stars ... Police Deputy Chief II (Assistant Chief) Assistant Chief wears three silver stars ... Chief of Police Chief wears four silver stars ...
Stamford Fire Rescue - Communications - Response Guidelines
... Fire Alarm(AFA) Assignment 2-3 Engines, 1 Truck, Deputy Chief 1st/Box Alarm Assignment(Alarm of Fire/Gas Leak) 4 Engines(1 for R.I.T.), 1 Truck(2 if High-Risk ...
Charlotte Fire Department - About The Department - Organization - Administration
... Office of the Fire Chief Includes the Administrative Secretary and the Public Affairs Office ... Deputy Chief of Homeland Security Responsible for Communications Division, Emergency Management, Emergency Services Liaison, Special Operations, Training ... Deputy Chief of Fire Operations Responsible for Airport Operations Liaison, Operations, Recruitment ...
List Of Sons Of Anarchy Characters - Miscellaneous - Jacob Hale, Jr.
... (Jeff Kober) is a businessman and older brother of Deputy Chief David Hale ... After learning of Gemma's rape, Deputy Chief Hale helped SAMCRO thwart a scam Jacob was using to seize land from Elliott Oswald for development ... to have the San Joaquin Sheriffs Department take over Charming PD, which Police Chief Wayne Unser views as a complete betrayal ...

Famous quotes containing the words chief and/or deputy:

    He is no more than the chief officer of the people, appointed by the laws, and circumscribed with definite powers, to assist in working the great machine of government erected for their use, and consequently subject to their superintendence.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

    The only law was that enforced by the Creek Lighthorsemen and the U.S. deputy marshals who paid rare and brief visits; or the “two volumes of common law” that every man carried strapped to his thighs.
    State of Oklahoma, U.S. relief program (1935-1943)