Dental Consonant - Dental Consonants in The World's Languages

Dental Consonants in The World's Languages

Dental/denti-alveolar consonants as transcribed by the International Phonetic Alphabet include:

IPA Description Example
Language Orthography IPA Meaning
dental nasal Russian банк 'bank'
voiceless dental stop Finnish tutti 'pacifier'
voiced dental stop Arabic دين 'religion'
voiceless dental sibilant fricative Polish kosa 'scythe'
voiced dental sibilant fricative Polish koza 'goat'
voiceless dental nonsibilant fricative
(also often called "interdental")
English thing 'thing'
voiced dental nonsibilant fricative
(also often called "interdental")
English this 'this'
dental approximant Spanish codo 'elbow'
dental lateral approximant Spanish alto 'tall'
dental flap Spanish harto 'fed up'
dental trill Hungarian ró 'to carve'
dental ejective
voiced dental implosive
dental click release Xhosa ukúcola 'to grind fine'

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