Dehn Functions

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Dehn Function - Known Results
... A finitely presented group is word-hyperbolic group if and only if its Dehn function is equivalent to n, that is, if and only if every finite presentation of this group satisfies a linear ... there are no finitely presented groups with Dehn functions equivalent to nd with d ∈ (1,2) ... A finitely generated nilpotent group has a Dehn function equivalent to nd where d ≥ 1 and all positive integers d are realized in this way ...
Van Kampen Diagram - Generalizations and Other Applications
... gap in the possible spectrum of isomperimetric functions for finitely presented groups for any finitely presented group either it is hyperbolic and satisfies a linear ... The study of isoperimetric functions for finitely presented groups has become an important general theme in geometric group theory where substantial progress has ... work has gone into constructing groups with "fractional" Dehn functions (that is, with Dehn functions being polynomials of non-integer degree) ...

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