Deep Depression

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2009 North Indian Ocean Cyclone Season - Storms - Cyclonic Storm Bijli
... By April 14, deep convection persisted around the center of circulation following the development the RSMC in New Delhi, India designated the system as Depression BOB 01 ... Early the next morning the JTWC reported that the depression had intensified into a tropical storm and designated it as Cyclone 01B ... Later that morning RSMC New Delhi reported that the depression had intensified into a deep depression and reported it was expected to intensify into Cyclonic Storm Bijli ...
Timeline Of The 2008 North Indian Ocean Cyclone Season - Timeline of Storms - October
19 1200 UTC - The IMD designates a low pressure area east south-east off Alula, Somalia as Depression ARB 02-2008 ... October 0300 ... UTC - The IMD upgrades Depression ARB02-2008 to Deep Depression ARB02-2008 ... October 0300 ... UTC - The IMD downgrades Deep Depression ARB02-2008 to a depression ...
Cyclone Rashmi
... It was designated as Depression BOB 05 the next day by the India Meteorological Department ... The depression was declared a deep depression early on October 26, whilst the Joint Typhoon Warning Center designated the depression as Cyclone 04B later that day with wind speeds ... Later that day, the IMD upgraded the deep depression into a cyclonic storm and named it as Rashmi ...
Cyclone Nisha (2008) - Meteorological History
... Two hours later the IMD upgraded the area of low pressure to Depression BOB 07 ... hours later the India Meteorological Department reported that the depression had intensified into a Deep Depression whilst remaining stationary ... Later that day the JTWC upgraded designated the Deep Depression as Tropical Cyclone 06B and reported that the depression had wind speeds equivalent to a tropical storm, on ...
1993 North Indian Ocean Cyclone Season - Storms - Deep Depression BOB 04
... Deep depression (IMD) Duration December 19 – December 20 Peak intensity 55 km/h (35 mph) 1008 mbar (hPa) On December 16, the remnant low of Typhoon Manny ... The weak low pressure area regenerated into Deep Depression Bob 04 ...

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