Death of Tina Watson - Investigation


As Tina Watson's death was unexpected, it was investigated by the State Coroner's office. A coronial inquiry was held, as is the usual practice in Australia. Gabe Watson gave evidence to the inquest through his lawyers and to the Queensland police. The incident came under investigation due to the implausible and conflicting statements given by Watson. He declined to return to Australia and did not testify during the inquest. During the inquest, prosecutors submitted evidence that Watson's story contradicted the record of his actions stored by his dive computer. They suggested the possibility that he turned off Tina's air regulator and held her until she was unconscious, then turned the air back on and let her sink before surfacing himself. As evidence, they described painstaking multiple re-enactments of various scenarios conducted by police divers. Tina's father claimed that Gabe Watson had asked Tina, shortly before their wedding, to increase her life insurance and make him the sole beneficiary.

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