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Going Solo

Bombshell underwent a genetic experiment to gain superpowers. She gained the ability to fire explosive energy blasts from her hands. Bombshell then joined an all female team of supervillains called the Femizons. The team were later defeated by Captain America. Bombshell's experimental new powers soon faded. Justin Hammer hired a number of supervillains (including Bombshell) to battle Spider-Man and the New Warriors. Justin Hammer and the supervillains then allied themselves with the Sphinx When Sphinx revealed his true intentions of total world domination, Bombshell panicked and fled.

After being seen playing a game of pool with 8-Ball in the Bar with No Name, Oddball was recruited by Doctor Octopus to join his incarnation of the Masters of Evil. The team were quickly defeated by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Oddball was later hired by Albino and Taskmaster to once again battle Hawkeye. He was defeated by the archer and the young Avengers recruits Justice and Firestar. Oddball was later killed while taking part in the Bloodsport competition in Mardipoor. He was slain in the first round of the tournament by a tribal warrior called the Headhunter.

S.H.I.E.L.D. reported that Knickknack was killed and resurrected to serve HYDRA and the Hand as part of their supervillain army. All the supervillains involved were released from the Hand's control and returned to normal.

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