Dead Girl

Dead Girl (Moonbeam) is a fictional character, a mutant superheroine in Marvel Comics' X-Statix series. She is a mixture of ghost and zombie. Her civilian name has never been fully revealed, but she admitted after some cajoling that her first name is/was "Moonbeam." Dead Girl's mutant gene allows her to return to semi-life after dying; she is also able to become intangible and communicate with other dead people.

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Mockingbird (Marvel Comics) - Fictional Character Biography - Post-death
... in the tongue-in-cheek 2006 X-Statix Presents Dead Girl miniseries by writer Peter Milligan ... where she is an active member of a book club that also includes Dead Girl, Gwen Stacy and Moira MacTaggert ... She is recruited by Doctor Strange and Dead Girl to help defeat Mr ...
Dead Girl - Powers and Abilities
... Physically deceased, her mutation triggered by death, Dead Girl can command any body part severed from her and rebuild her molecular structure from virtually any ... She can communicate telepathically with dead spirits either using their physical remains or on the astral plane and communicate with the cells, bacteria, and disintegrating tissue of corpses ...
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... "Dead Girl Superstar" is a promotional single taken from Rob Zombie's second album The Sinister Urge ... Zombie considered the song to be a sequel to "Living Dead Girl" from his previous album, Hellbilly Deluxe ...
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... After U-Go Girl, the Orphan, and the Anarchist returned from their failed attempt to contact Dead Girl, the team's manager Spike Freeman instructs X-Statix on its upcoming ... As U-Go Girl and the Orphan argue with C.I.A ... Dead Girl then arrives and put her vote with the Orphan and the team heads into space ...
Melanie Thernstrom
... The Dead Girl, which was published by Pocket Books in 1990, was praised by literary critics such as Harold Bloom, Harold Brodkey and Helen Vendler as reimagining the true crime ... The Dead Girl is groundbreaking, new and startling." In The New York Review of Books, Helen Vendler described it as "a coming of age through tragedy.. ... In contrast to The Dead Girl, Halfway Heaven explores murder from the point of view of the murderer ...

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