DCU may mean:

  • D.C. United, a Washington, D.C. soccer club
  • DC Universe, the shared universe of most DC Comics publications
  • Dublin City University
    • DCU GAA, a Gaelic games club in Dublin City University
  • Digital Federal Credit Union, a credit union based Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA
  • DCU Center, an indoor arena in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
  • Delphi Compiled Unit, an object file for the Delphi programming language
  • Desert Camouflage Uniform, a uniform of the U.S. Army
  • Pryor Field Regional Airport, an airport Decatur, Alabama, USA with the IATA code DCU

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Digital Federal Credit Union - Services
... DCU offers the a variety of financial services offered by most financial institutions, including savings accounts, checking accounts, IRA accounts, and certificates of deposit ... In addition, DCU also offers members consumer, business and auto loans, credit cards, mortgages, home equity lines of credit, investment services, brokerage services and insurance services ... DCU provides online account access and bill paying through their PC Branch service ...
Comics Terminology - Outside The Comic - DCU, MU, Earth-1, Earth-616
... The DC Universe or DCU refers to the shared universe inhabited by Batman, Superman, the Justice League of America, etc ... Earth-1 was the Pre-Crisis designation of the "main" DCU, in contrast to Earth-2 (featuring the JSA), and latterly dozens of individual Earths which were ... New Earth is the designation of the "main" DCU after the events on 2005's mini-series event Infinite Crisis, in which a revised Multiverse of 52 worlds was created ...