Daxing Line

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Beijing Subway - Lines in Operation
... Line Colour Terminals Opened Newest Extension Length Stations Transfers Line 1 Pingguoyuan Sihui East 1999. 30.4 23 (2) 2, 4, 5, 10, Batong Line 2 1971 ... Most lines run parallel or perpendicular to each other and intersect at right angles ... Lines serving the urban core Line 1, a straight east-west line underneath Chang'an Avenue, which bisects the city through Tiananmen Square ...
Daxing Line, Beijing Subway - History
... June 1, 2008 Construction began on Daxing Line ... December 28, 2010 Daxing Line opened ...
List Of Beijing Subway Stations - Daxing Line
... Stations of Daxing Line, Beijing Subway Code Station Chinese name Location Transfers Platform type Grade Opened Gongyixiqiao 公益西桥 Fengtai 4 Dual-island Underground 30 ...

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