Davy Crockett and The River Pirates - Plot - Keelboat Race

Keelboat Race

Davy Crockett and George "Georgie" Russel are loaded with pelts as they make their way to the Mississippi River after a successful season of trapping and hunting in Kentucky. There they encounter Mike Fink, a blowhard keelboat captain who refuses to take them downriver, unless they pay a ridiculously high fee. That evening, Fink gets Georgie drunk and convinces him to keelboat race down the Mississippi with the season's pelts as wager.

Crockett uses his notoriety to put together a crew and the race begins. Overcoming numerous obstacles along with Fink's dirty tricks, Crockett wins the race but amiably waives his claim on Fink's share of the wager. In gratitude, Fink challenges Crockett and Russel in a keelboat race to New Orleans, Louisiana.

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