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Date Cultivars

The Manasir are renowned all throughout the Sudan for cultivating a wide range of date palm cultivars. Any small farming household tends to grow a variety of dates in order to be less vulnerable both to annually changing market prices and diseases affecting only specific types.

The people are very proud of the taste, sweetness and nourishing merits of their dates and believe that theses originate from their rocky land containing special minerals. The dates from Dar al-Manasir compare well with dates of other regions in Sudan, although earlier reports qualify them as being of inferior quality not fetching the market price of fruits from (Old) Halfa and Dongola

Date varieties and the average wholesale price during the harvest season 2004

(Sudanese Dinar per sack Shawal, شوال – at about 75 kg; 1 Shawal = 15 Rub' (ربع) = 123.75 litres):

Wad Laqai (ود لقاي) SDG 60
Wad Khatib (ود ختيب) SDG 50
Barakawi (بركاوي) SDG 75-80
'Abid Rahim (عبد رحيم) SDG 75-80
Bur (بور) SDG 60
Bireir (برير) SDG 60
Qundeil (قنديل) SDG 75-80
Bit Tamudhah (بت تموضة) SDG 65
Gau (جاو) SDG 45-50

(prices reported by Al-Tayib Babikir Ahmad Muhammad from Mideimir (الطيّب بابكر أحمد محمّد من مديمر), local resident who studied agriculture for 4½ years in Halfah al-Gadidah.)

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