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Darren and Nancy begin a relationship when Darren, Nancy and Nancy's housemates begin online dating in December 2010. Darren is due to go on a date he has arranged and Nancy comes to watch him, Darren's date does not arrive. As the evening continues, the pair realise there is an attraction between them and agree to go home together. Dawson said that the pair have "always sort of hated each other" as they are opposites, explaining that "She's a feminist and he's a male chauvinist pig!" He felt for the pair to begin a relationship is a "case of opposites attracting - for some reason it works". Dawson added that through the pair's "pompous ways" they have both been through "hard times and been through them with each other because they've known each other for so long". He commented that the pair have "never seen eye-to-eye, but I think that when they sit down and chat they realise they have a lot more in common than they think. In the past they just didn't want to accept that". E4 described the relationship this way: "She’s chalk and he’s definitely more than a bit cheesy, but there you have it; Darren and Nancy (Dancy) are now officially an item! They’re the original odd-couple!"

Dawson added that Darren is "totally in love with Nancy. Nancy has really calmed Darren down". Fox added, regarding the beginning of their relationship, "It was a relationship that came out of nowhere, but the writers and the audience were so charmed by Nancy and Darren together that it's kept going". When asked if they were surprised at being initially paired up Dawson said, "Yes, i was. The scene in which they got together was absolutely hilarious. Darren just looked up and there she was!" before Fox added "I never thought they were going to last, but we just went for it full throttle". Fox later explained that the pairing "was only ever intended to be quite a short-term thing".

The pair become engaged after Darren proposes, although the proposal is accidental rather than planned. Dawson felt that it was too soon for Darren to consider marrying Nancy. Shortly after their engagement, Suzanne returns and announces she is expecting Darren's babies. Regarding Darren being the father of twin babies and if his relationship with Nancy would survive, Dawson felt the situation was too difficult for Nancy but for Darren it was fine. He felt that the story was "interesting" and hoped the pairing would survive as they have "something special". Darren and Nancy split up when he moves Suzanne and the babies into Nancy's flat. They resume their romance after Suzanne leaves and takes the children with her.

Fox commented that the pair would make good parents but have "a lot of growing up to do themselves", before adding that she hoped Nancy and Darren would stay together for a long time" as she enjoyed the pairing. Fox later added that she'd "love a big soap wedding". Dawson said, about the couple's future: "Darren might stray if Nancy continues to push him away, but I think he's more paranoid about her leaving him. He's been a good boy far too long - I want him to man up and get his head together".

On 19 December 2011 it was announced that a future storyline would see Darren plan his wedding as a surprise to Nancy. It was announced that Darren would be tempted back into his gambling addiction. Series producer Emma Smithwick commented on the storyline explaining that because Darren was organising the wedding it was "never going to be as smooth as if somebody else was organising it". She added that the wedding was a "long time coming" for the couple but there going to be "a few obstacles in the way", some self-imposed and some caused by external forces. She added that the event would be in "true Darren style". Dawson felt that at this point in the relationship Darren is "besotted" with Nancy. He explained that Darren feels Nancy is good for him but Darren almost feels undeserving of her. Dawson felt that Nancy was the love of Darren's life. Dawson commented that Darren had "been through the mill" but "for once in his life, Darren is happy". Dawson put this down to Darren getting the Dog in the Pond back and his relationship with Nancy. On why Darren plans the wedding Dawson said: "He wants to show Nancy how much he loves her and thinks a surprise wedding will do that". He explained that due to lack of funds Darren will "have to call in a lot of favours but he hasn't got many friends". Dawson felt that Darren would have to see the idea through to the end, even if Darren would end up "upside-down in mud". On how he felt the wedding would turn out Dawson said that "it could be the tackiest thing ever" but that it would be "hilarious". On the wedding and Darren's feelings, Dawson said that his character is "incredibly excited about it, especially after all the hard work and planning that he's been doing in secret for weeks and weeks". Dawson said that Darren feels like the wedding is "going to be the most perfect day possible and he just can't wait to see the look on Nancy's face when she realises what he's been up to". Dawson went on to add that "things don't go as he planned". Dawson said that he wants the wedding to go ahead, saying "after all this it would be lovely to see them get married, but you never know with soaps. I think they can be happy together". Dawson felt that the pair are the "perfect match and are incredibly sweet together. Darren brings out Nancy's fun side and she gives his life a bit of order". Dawson went on to say he feels the pair are "destined to be the Jack and Vera of Hollyoaks!" Nancy's mother, Margaret Hayton (Darryl Fishwick), arrives in the village. Fox said that Margaret believes Darren is "not good enough for Nancy" so begins trying to split the pair up. Fox said that Margaret tries to "make Nancy doubt her relationship with Darren". Nancy witnesses Darren and Cindy in an embrace which Fox said confirms to Nancy that "everything her mum is saying is true - that Darren doesn't love her and he has been having an affair". When questionned if the pair can get through their troubles Fox said: "I hope so! Myself and Ash have had an awful lot of fun working together, so I'd love to see a 'happily ever after'. Well, as much as it can be happy in soapland!" Fox felt that if Nancy were to discover Darren's plans for their wedding she would be "horrified" although she would see "see that he has good intentions". Fox later said that Nancy "really wants to get married, have babies and be happy" with Darren, although Nancy may not ready to be a mother "just yet".

Darren and Nancy marry. Dawson explained that Darren felt "relief" that the wedding went ahead as he "often worried that Nancy is too good for him". Dawson commented that he thinks "the characters work well together and they challenge each other all the time. It's quite comical, even when they're arguing. In many ways, Darren is a typical man and Nancy is a typical woman". On how married life will affect the couple Dawson said: "it will change them is by giving a bit of solidity to their relationship. It proves to both of them how much they mean to each other, so if anything, I think it will make them stronger". Explaining why Darren went ahead with planning the surprise wedding Dawson said: "he's got the pub back, he feels like he's learned all his lessons, and he's come full circle. This time around, Darren doesn't want to mess anything up and wants to get everything right. Now that they're married, having children is something that they'll look at in the future".

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