Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, titled as Vampire: The Night Warriors in Japan, is the first title in the Darkstalkers fighting game series, developed and released by Capcom in 1994, originally for the CPS II arcade hardware. It was ported to the PlayStation by Psygnosis in 1996.

The game was included in Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection, a compilation of all five Darkstalkers arcade games that were released in Japan only for the PlayStation 2 in 2005. In 2011, the PS One version was released separately for the PlayStation Network and is both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable compatible.

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Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors - Reception
... VGCE named the arcade version of Darkstalkers as the second game in the categories Game of the Year and Best Fighting Game of 1994 ... In 2007, CraveOnline users ranked Darkstalkers as the ninth top 2D fighter of all time, the staff calling it "a Capcom title that was essential in the further development of Capcom’s 2-D fighter dominance" and "a surprise hit that paved the way for many great games after it." ...

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