Dance Remixes - Versions


Version Length Also available on Year Comment
"À quoi je sers..." (club remix) 7:50 CD maxi, 7" maxi 1989 There are more musical bridges. At the end, a male voice saying "Quoi" can be heard.
"Ainsi soit je..." (maxi remix) 7:10 CD maxi, 7" maxi 1988 This version is so slow and melancholy as the original one, with more music and refrains. There are also more percussion that punctuated the title throughout the song. Farmer sings "soit je" several times at the beginning of this remix.
"Allan" (extended mix) 7:57 CD maxi, 7" maxi 1990 Devoted to discothèques, this version includes a new orchestration with a fast tempo. There are more refrains.
"Beyond My Control" (godforsaken mix) 8:03 CD maxi, 12" maxi, CD single (Canada) 1992 In this version, the introduction (about 2:00) is composed of guitar riffs, John Malkovich's voice, the word "Lâche" repeated by Farmer and a cry of a man.
"Désenchantée" (remix club) 8:10 CD maxi, cassette, 7" maxi (Germany, Canada) 1991 The song begins with the sounds of children in a playground, and then with a musical introduction in which the words "génération", "désenchantée" and "tout est chaos" are sampled. The music is accelerated and the bridge is extanded.
"Je t'aime mélancolie" (extended club remix) 7:45 CD maxi, 7" maxi 1991 The song is punctuated by with phrase "Je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime mélancolie", sung by Farmer.
"Libertine" (carnal sins remix) 7:00 1992 This version adds suggestive sighs and cries of Farmer.
"My Soul Is Slashed" (the rubber remix) 7:34 CD maxi, CD single (promo, France) 1992 This is a dance version with a musical introduction that lasts about two minutes.
"Plus grandir" (mother's live remix) 6:25 CD maxi, 7" maxi 1989 This remixed version, a disco duet with Carole Fredericks, was aired in many discothèques. The song starts with a dialogue between Fredericks and Farmer (as for the Live Mix, Fredericks' words are originally recorded for "Maman a tort"). English words, particularly the phrase "Who's my mother ?" that Farmer repeats throughout the song, have been added in this version.
"Pourvu qu'elles soient douces" (remix club) 6:30 CD maxi, 7" maxi 1988 This is a remixed version including many gimmicks and scratches in the musical bridge.
"Que mon cœur lâche" (extended dance remix) 8:10 7" maxi, CD maxi (Germany) of "My Soul Is Slashed" 1992 This is a dance remix devoted to the nightclubs.
"Regrets" (extended club remix) 7:13 CD maxi, 7" maxi 1991 This version contains a long introduction in which the two singers are answering each other with words not sung. Words are actually sampled in a phonetic reversal. All the lyrics from the original version are sung.
"Sans contrefaçon" (boy remix) 5:55 CD maxi, 7" maxi 1987 This dance remix had an introduction of 1:30.
"Sans logique" (illogical club remix) 7:11 CD maxi, 7" maxi 1989 In this dance remix, the phrase "This is a blank formatted disket" is mixed with a voice of a man.
"Tristana" (remix club) 7:10 7" maxi, cassette, Cendres de Lune 1987 This dance remix uses a lot of drum machines and many echoes.
"We'll Never Die" (techno remix) 7:30 1992 This remix has techno sonorities.

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